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OWASP Secure Headers Project involves setting headers from the server is easy and often doesn't require any code changes. Once set, they can restrict modern browsers from running into easily preventable vulnerabilities. OWASP Secure Headers Project intends to raise awareness and use of these headers.



Our core values are aligned with OWASP Foundation that focus on:

  • open everthing and be radically transparent;
  • make experiments to help and support solutions to engagement sotware security challenges;
  • be open to anyone around the world;
  • be honest and truthful, vendor neutral and supported by global community.

Like this all work made to concretize SecureHeaders Project are related below:

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As like other OWASP members we're enthusiasts on help to build, aware, simpliying and improve web application security. The mainline members envolved in SecureHeaders Project are:

Alexandre Menezes

Core member

Jim Manico

Core Member

Ricardo Iramar

Core Member